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I offer one-to-one consultations either in person at my clinic in Surrey, or online via Zoom



Health Check

Get a health MOT assessment with advice on nutrition and lifestyle choices.

NOTE: this health check does not provide ongoing support.
It is a one-off consultation to kick start your journey

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£145.00 Basic
  • 75 min consultation with full health assessment
  • Detailed Questionnaire / Food Diary Analysis
  • Personalised nutrition plan
  • Lifestyle analysis and advice
  • Supplement recommendation
  • Functional Testing advice
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Health Packages

Changing a lifetime of dietary habits to balance your hormones, achieve more energy, or to lose weight can take time and often requires ongoing coaching and support.

I can support you on your journey back to Health, with functional testing included and ongoing consultations over a longer period of time.

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3 month Support Package from £335.00
A full health assessment with monthly support calls, to monitor progress and adjust recommendations.

  • Initial 75-minute consultation
  • 60-minute follow up
  • 2 x 30 min Support Consultations
  • Lifestyle and  Diet Analysis
  • Functional Test  recommendation
  • Personalised Health Report
  • Review of test results
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PREMIUM 6 month Comprehensive Package
£1,425.00 - includes functional testing.
This package is for you, if you want to deep-dive into your health and resolve more complex, chronic symptoms. 

  • Initial 75-minute consultation PLUS
  • + 6 hrs of regular Support  
  • Lifestyle and Diet analysis
  • Full Blood test included
  • Hormone and Gut test  included
  • Test result analysis + research
  • Personalised Health Report
  • Supplement recommendation
  • Email  support anytime
  • Recipes
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Comprehensive 16 week Support Package from £635.00 - excludes testing
This includes weekly 30-min support calls if you prefer more regular contact to motivate and inspire you to achieve your health goals

  • Initial 75-minute consultation
  • 6 hrs of Health Coaching Support
  • Lifestyle and Diet analysis
  • Functional Test recommendation
  • Test result analysis + research
  • Personalised Health Report
  • Supplement recommendation
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Free 30-minute Discovery call

I offer a free, no-obligation, 30-minute Discovery call, so that I can understand your symptoms better, and you can decide if what I offer provides the support that you need.

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Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy

Find out more about Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy and how it can help you to improve your health in a natural way.