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How long does it take to Change a Habit?

Making the decision to improve your health and achieve wellness can be daunting. We become stuck in a rut, with habits that we know are unhealthy and which don't serve us.

With the right support, you can change your habits, your diet and your lifestyle to give you more energy and vitality and to prevent disease.


Conditions that I Support

I focus on the following conditions, and can provide targeted, personalised support in these areas. In functional medicine, all systems and conditions are seen to be interconnected, so my approach to your health assessment and treatment still considers the whole body.

Immune Health

Our Immune system is the best defence that we have against pathogenic viruses and bacteria. Modulating our immune system also protects us against autoimmune disorders.

Viral infections, like Herpes or Shingles, affect people in different ways, and a strong immune defence is vital to recovery. Post-viral syndrome can cause long term suffering which can be alleviated with immune support and a targeted nutrition protocol.

Gut Health

Most diseases originate from poor Gut health and a lack of microbiome diversity. Improving your digestion improves your physical health and mental well-being.

Reflux disease (GORD) symptoms can be reduced with the right nutrition and lifestyle changes. Irritable Bowel issues can cause discomfort and longer-term issues with immunity and nutrient deficiencies. Managing stress and diet can make a significant difference.

Hormone Health

Hormones are the basis of most biological functions and when out of balance can cause issues such as fatigue, anxiety, weight gain, diabetes and so much more.This is an area that affects both men and women. I can support prostate issues, as well as PMS, peri- and post-menopause symptoms.

Sub-optimal Thyroid function including auto-immune antibodies can be identified and treated before medication is prescribed to support a Hyper or Hypo-Thyroidism diagnosis.

Low Energy

Energy is vital for the function of every cell in the body. Mitochondrial dysregulation and poorAdrenal function are often caused by chronic stress and anxiety, which deplete energy and result in an inability to function properly leading to chronic fatigue or ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis)

This is now prevalent with a Long-Covid diagnosis and not being able to get back to normal after a Viral infection. This can be addressed by treating all systems in the body.

Client Testimonials

  • “I had spent many years wondering what to do about my health naturally, without the doctors always prescribing medications. I had many diagnoses given to me including PCOS, IBS and depression. I was feeling very unsure about nutrition and my overall health, always wondering what is wrong with me? But with the help of Kate over the last 6 months I now know who I am, how to keep myself healthy and most importantly how to love myself. Kate was always there for me when I had many many many questions to ask. Kate is a life changing woman who I am very thankful to have met and would recommend highly. Thank you Kate for changing my life.”
    Gemma W
  • I wanted to tell you something wonderful that happened since we last spoke. I had my period after 29 days which is just fab but the remarkable thing is I had NO period pain at all. I mean NONE! After 21 years of agonising periods this was incredible. I felt perfectly fine. I know its down to the work we've done together so i'm so thankful.
    Sofia W
  • I am so happy to have gone these four months through your healing program for my collitis and anemia.
    Thank you so much for your support, encouragement and valuable input via nutritious and tasty meals with variety of targeted supplements. As a result I have much improved symptoms and blood test results, so would definitely recommend your services to anyone interested in their healthy lifestyles. Looking forward for more consultations in the future.
    Ekaterina S
  • I do not know how I would have got through my gallstone issues and surgery without Kate’s support. She told me what I could eat to manage the gallstones and support my liver. She suggested supplements to help me. The sessions I had with her were very thorough. She always explained everything to me in detail, so I understood why I was making the changes and learned a lot about nutrition and healthier eating habits. She consistently went above and beyond what I expected - promptly answering worried emails from me outside of our sessions, interpreting blood test results for me (including highlighting when my GP had tested for the wrong thing!) She helped me prepare for surgery and supported me before and after it.
    All of my interactions with Kate left me feeling supported, understood, cared for and empowered. Dealing with major health issues is lonely and scary, having Kate in my corner made me feel I could cope. I have also lost weight and my hormones are more steady. I feel my health has massively improved overall due to Kate’s input.
    Anna H
  • Kate has really helped me so much over the past six months. I’m now on the right track in terms of all the vitamins and nutrients that I needed and she has always been informative, supportive and kind. As a result I’m feeling so much better on many levels. I highly recommend Kate to anyone looking for an improved lifestyle. 
    Pippa M
  • “I started seeing Kate to help me resolve some digestive issues, and was amazed at how she managed to get to the root of the problem so quickly. By organising a stool test, Kate helped me to discover that the bacteria in my colon was out of balance causing my discomfort. This was due to repeated antibiotics for a UTI infection. Kate put together a diet protocol and recommended some targeted supplements to re-balance my gut bacteria. Within a couple of weeks I started to feel better. Kate also helped me to understand what a balanced diet really looks like, so I have slightly changed the way I eat, and without doing anything radical, I now have more energy and feel amazing. Fantastic experience - thank you.”
    Karen S
    Leatherhead, Surrey

Health Talks

Kate delivers talks on various health topics, with the aim to educate, motivate and empower the individual to make better health choices.


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